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August 20 2017

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Christina Rossetti
London Macmillan and Co 1896 New and Enlarged Edition
[First Complete Edition printed 1890 this being the 7th reprint]

Several illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti who also designed the distinctive gilt blocking to the binding


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- Nie lubi pan mówić o sobie, co?
- Ja nawet myśleć o sobie nie lubię.
— Erich Maria Remarque
(via klatwyiurokiodzaraz)
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the english patient (1996) dir. anthony minghella

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Alek Zander, tanja_hitler
Нижний Новгород, клуб Sin City

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Marlene Dietrich at the Salzburg Festival, Photo by Robert Haas, 1936-1937, Light edit by JoeInCT

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